Mitsunori Nakata

仲田 充孝





Mitsunori Nakata was born in Shimmiya, Wakayama, but grew up in Amagasaki, Hyogo. He started photography when he was 16, and since then he has learned the photograph skills by himself. Although he is still a university student, putting a lot of work into photography and film making based in Kansai. He receives job offers of a promotion photo, and a document of an event from Japanese companies, dancers, and artists.

The concept of his work is “Chill&Off.” He takes photographs of the Nature, and people’s life. You will find a relaxing mood only seen in his photographs, which is “Chill & Off.”

Comment by Mitsunori Nakata

Today, everyone has a smartphone, and it sounds familiar to watch and even create a film. I am wondering how I can put my color on my work and convey it to people with my work. It is the same thing that a company want a promotion photo show the characteristics of the company. So, I would like to meet the customer’s needs. I do not want to create just a cool promotion photographs and films. What I want to create is a cool photographs and films with my photograph skills and our passion. To achieve it, I think the customer and I need to understand each other’s value, so I put focus on the discussion with the customer. Let’s make the “nice” one for each of us together.